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USM is the one of the Malaysian public universities to use term school (in Malay; Pusat Pengajian) instead of the term faculty that is used in other Malaysian public universities.

Technology-based schools:

All located at the Engineering Campus except the School of Housing, Building and Planning (main campus) and The School of Industrial Technology (main campus).

  • School of Aerospace Engineering
  • School of Civil Engineering
  • School of Chemical Engineering
  • School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering
  • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • School of Housing, Building and Planning
  • School of Industrial Technology

Liberal arts schools:
All located at main campus, island of Penang.

  • School of Arts
  • School of Communication
  • School of Educational Studies
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Social Sciences
  • School of Management

Pure science schools:
All located at main campus, island of Penang.

  • School of Biological Sciences
  • School of Chemical Sciences
  • School of Mathematical Sciences
  • School of Computer Sciences
  • School of Physics

Health science schools:
All located at Health Campus, Kelantan except The School of Pharmacy (main campus) and Advanced Medical and Dental Institute

  • School of Medical Sciences
  • School of Dental Sciences
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Advanced Medical and Dental Institute


-Faculty of Science
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Mathematics

-Faculty of Geoinformation and Real Estate (Fakulti Geoinformasi & Harta Tanah, FGHT), formerly known as Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Engineering
-Faculty of Education (Fakulti Pendidikan, FP)
-Faculty of Computing (Fakulti Komputeran), formerly known as Faculty of Computer Science & Information Systems
-Faculty of Biosciences and Medical Engineering(Fakulti Biosains dan Kejuruteraan perubatan, FBME)
  • Department of Biosciences and Health Sciences
  • Department Of Biotechnology & Medical Engineering
  • Department of Clinical Sciences

-Faculty of Islamic Civilisation (Fakulti Tamadun Islam, FTI), formerly known as Centre for Islamic Studies & Social Development
-College of Science & Technology (Kolej Sains & Teknologi, KST), formerly known as Centre for Diploma Studies
-Faculty of Management (FM), formerly known as Faculty of Management & Human Resource Development (FPPSM)
-Faculty of Civil Engineering
-Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
-Faculty of Electrical Engineering
-Faculty of Chemical Engineering
-Faculty of Petroleum and Renewable Energy Engineering
-Faculty of Built Environment
  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Quantity Surveying
  • Department of Urban & Regional Planning
  • Department of Landscape Architecture

-Language Academy
-Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology
-Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT)
  • Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (ESE)
  • Department of Mechanical Precision Engineering (MPE)
  • Department of Environmental Engineering and Green Technology (EGT)
  • Department of Management of Technology (MOT)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Faculty of Business and Accountancy
Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Economics & Administration
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Languages and Linguistics
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Built Environment

Department of Bioprocess Technology
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Department of Biochemistry
Department of Microbiology

  • Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying 
  • Faculty of Applied Science 
  • Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology 
  • Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences 
  • Faculty of Sport and Recreational Sciences 
  • Faculty of Dentistry 
  • Faculty of Health Science 
  • Faculty of Medicine 
  • Faculty of Pharmacy 
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering 
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering 
  • Faculty of Chemical Engineering 
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 
Social Science:
  • Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies 
  • Faculty of Law 
  • Faculty of Communication and Media Studies 
  • Faculty of Art and Design 
  • Faculty of Education 
  • Faculty of Film, Theater, & Animation 
  • Faculty of Music 
Business and Management:
  • Faculty of Accountancy 
  • Faculty of Business Management 
Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School:
  • Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management 
  • Faculty of Information Management 

  • Social Science and Humanities
  • Science and Technology
  • Islamic Studies
The three above make up the founding faculties.
  • Medicine
  • Health Sciences
  • Dentistry
  • Economics and Business
  • Education
  • Engineering and Built Environment
  • Graduate School of Business
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Pharmacy


Cyberjaya campus:
  • Faculty of Computing and Informatics (previously Faculty of Information Technology)
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Creative Multimedia
Graduate School of Management:
Melaka campus:
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Information Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Business
  • Faculty of Law
Academic centres:
Cyberjaya campus:
  • Centre for Modern Languages and Communications
  • Internet Based Degree Programme
  • Distance Education
Melaka campus:
  • Centre for Diploma Programmes
  • Institute of International Languages Multimedia University
  • Centre for Foundation Studies and Extension Education
  • Internet Based Degree Programme

  • Faculty of Islamic Sciences.
  • Faculty of Languages.
  • Faculty of Computer and Information Technology.
  • Faculty of Finance & Administrative Science.
  • Faculty of Education.
  • Faculty of Engineering.
  • Center of Languages.
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • UK
  • Morocco
  • LC Saudi Arabia
  • LC Kuwait
  • LC Egypt
  • LC London
  • LC Morocco
  • LC Makassar
  • LC Yogyakarta
  • LC Thailand
  • LC Malaysia

  • Graduate School: Othman Yeop Abdullah (OYA) Graduate School of Business
  • School of Business Management 
  • School of Islamic Business 
  • School of Accountancy 
  • School of Economics, Finance & Banking 
  • School of Technology & Logistics Management
  • Graduate School: Awang Had Salleh Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Computing 
  • School of Education and Modern Language
  • School of Multimedia Technology & Communication
  • School of Quantitative Sciences 
  • School of Social Development 
  • Graduate School: 
  • Ghazali Shafie Graduate School of Government 
  • School of Government 
  • School of Law 
  • School of International Studies
  • School of Tourism, Hospitality & Environmental Management 


The faculties (kulliyyah) of IIUM are:

  • Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws
  • Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences 
  • Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences 
  • Kulliyyah of Engineering 
  • Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design
  • Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology 
  • Kulliyyah of Languages and Management 
  • Institute of Education
  • Centre of Languages and Pre-University Academic Development 
  • Centre for Postgraduate Studies 
  • Kulliyyah of Medicine 
  • Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences
  • Kulliyyah of Pharmacy 
  • Kulliyyah of Nursing 
  • Kulliyyah of Science 
  • Kulliyyah of Dentistry
Petaling Jaya: 
  • Centre for Foundation Studies 
Kuala Lumpur:
  • International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization
  • International Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance

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